Paradise Lost

January 25, 2011 in Events

The VP alumni weekend is on! Register now for Paradise Lost, to be held April 7-10 at the Wingate conference center in Round Rock, TX. Jay Lake, who’s teaching at this year’s VP, offered to be our writer in residence, and we said, “Hell, yeah!”

We know this time and location is not ideal for everyone, but it’s a start. We analyzed the results of our survey, crunched some numbers, and found an affordable space suitable for a group of 12 or so. We hope this will be just the first of many VP alumni workshops around the country.

Go check out the schedule and then register! We’re asking for a deposit so a) we know you’re serious, and b) we can pay for Jay’s flight. (The rest will go toward the conference center fees and the food.)

We’ll see you in April!

2 responses to Paradise Lost

  1. Hey, hi! I didn’t hear a thing about this until Jay Lake mentioned it on his blog a little while ago. I followed his link and wow! A bunch of alumni stuff!

    Great idea. I was class X, but I don’t see any links for us, alas.

    Anyway, I can’t make it to Texas, but have fun. Until hell won’t have it!

  2. Hi, Linda! I could have sworn I created a group for each year, but it looks like I missed X. I fixed it. 🙂


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