This is an unofficial community site for alumni of the Viable Paradise writing workshop.

How this works…

Classes, Groups, and the Forum

Click the “Groups” tab (top right). Find the group(s) corresponding to the year(s) you attended, and press the button to join the group. That’s it! You’re subscribed to your class group. You’ll receive email notifications of new activity in your group unless you turn them off. To do so, go to your profile (by clicking your own name on the right side of the screen), then choose Settings, then Notifications. Turn off any options you wish (although I’d recommend leaving “A member sends you a new message” on, since that’s how private messages work here).

Each group can have its own forum — when you post a new forum topic, you’ll have the option of posting it in a group, or leaving it in the main forum.

(Right now, I’m a member of all the groups because I’m the only user in them. As people find their groups, I’ll leave.)


In addition to joining groups, you can specify people as friends. This lets you filter down the activity stream, for example, so you can see only your friends’ updates instead of everyone’s.


You can tag people here, just as you can on Twitter or Facebook. Type “@username” to tag a person, which will create a link to their profile and notify them that they’ve been mentioned.

Your Profile & a Bug in the Maps

You’ll see a map feature as part of your profile, but it’s a little broken. It won’t show the right location. (Mine says I live in Honolulu. I wish.) Go ahead and fill out your city and state anyway (if you don’t mind letting us know where you live).

The map does appear correctly on the Groups pages. For example, the Alumni group map will show where we all live.

I’m working with the BuddyPress developers to get the map fixed.


Want to know more about how this software works? Visit the BuddyPress site, or ask a question in the forum.

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